6 Ways How to increase the website’s Alexa rank?

Alexa is a website that monitors your website and ranks it according to content and traffic. If your blog has good traffic then it will be easy to increase the Alexa rank of the blog.

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6 Ways How to increase the website’s Alexa rank?

Alexa tracks all aspects of your site i.e. SEO, visitors statistics, content, and visitors country.

After looking at all these aspects, Alexa ranks your blog worldwide and in the specific country you have chosen. In short, if your blog is in good condition, your Alexa Rank will increase.

I have some suggestions to increase the Alexa Rank of your website. I am going to give you 5 tips to increase Alexa Rank, which will work 100%.

6 Ways How to increase the website’s Alexa rank?

1. Install Alexa Rank Widget

The installation of Alexa Rank Widget on your website is useful in increasing your Alexa Rank. It shows the rank of your website and also estimates the number of backlinks on your website. Different types of Alexa widgets are available, it is your choice which you can choose.

2. Regularly update?

It is very important for a new blogger to post content to their blog daily because the content is the king. If you update your blog regularly, search engine bots will crawl your site regularly when you post on your blog or website.

I hope you have understood my point about posting daily on a blog to increase the Alexa rank of your blog.

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3. Write Original and Quality Content

The type of content counts 100% for the Alexa rank of your blog, your blog should have original and quality content. In this way you can increase your Alexa Rank, your content may be different depending on your niche.

Alexa specifically tracks the content of a blog before ranking any blog. You can see that blogs which have more posts and those written by themselves have Alexa rank high. That’s why keep the quality of your content in mind, this will help you increase Alexa.

4. Alexa Toolbar

Based on my blogging experience, I recommend you install Alexa Toolbar, because when we access a website, Alexa takes it as an important visit and thus gets better results in ranking.

And of course, it will give you information about backlinks, popular posts, reviews and more features of a website. It is also very helpful in increasing Alexa rank.

5. Get website analyzed

Review your entire website except for daily and monthly visitors count. The number of backlinks also plays a very important role in the ranking of your site.

Ask your friends to analyze your website on Alexa because when Alexa analyzes any website, it increases its rank.

6. Use third party sites

You can use third party website to increase the Alexa rank of your blog. I have a website which increases your rank drastically – AlexaBoostUp

This site allows you to add your site and earn points and then those points will be used for page views on your URL.

Most visitors to your site via AlexaBoostUp will have Alexa Toolbar installed. In this way Alexa will boost the rank of your website, meaning that you can increase the Alexa Rank of your blog very fast.

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