Paris Fashion Week Is Confirmed As a Hot Spot For Street Style

PARIS, France- February 27 2019: Leonie Hanne on the street during the Paris Fashion Week.

Paris Fashion Week brings the world’s most beautiful collections of dresses and accessories to the world’s most prestigious fashion shows. Top designers compete to design and develop the most beautiful garments in any fashion week, but this year the focus is on cutting edge street fashion, women’s fashion, and fashion shows.

One thing Paris Fashion Week definitely isn’t lacking is fabulous runway fashion.

A growing number of American fashion designers are making a name for themselves as leaders in the emerging street fashion movement. It’s a very unique style that has grown out of the hip hop and urban roots of the London scene, which the British-American generation brought with them when they immigrated here in the late 1970s.

The fashion for this style is becoming so popular that celebrities are beginning to notice. They’re not just running into the latest designer brand, but they’re also outfitted in these style garments and accessories. Why?

Because this is how this style really looks. Here are some details on some of the top designers, who are seeing a surge in interest for this new style of clothes and clothing. Take a look at some of the key players in this movement:

Warne’s clothing line continues to be a huge hit at shows, especially because it features clothing inspired by their online community. “We had a lot of fun coming up with a few options in our online store, which was about 35 percent women’s,” says Stephanie Slootman Warne’s lifestyle and fashion director.

The designers who work at Neiman Marcus are also really looking at this changing style. The store has opened a pop-up shop for the Spring season that will feature a range of the best trends from various designers.

On her spring collection, Lanvin created ‘enchanting and unique clothes with new twists on iconic styles’, like Marc Jacobs’ “unapologetic” style of fashion. The designer even expanded the collection to include an entire men’s line, along with a vintage type collection.

Timeless is the key to Paris Fashion Week and Lanvin’s Spring 2020 collection. This collection is “full of innovation and balance,” says the store’s chief creative officer for stores. It includes sophisticated jeans, sweatshirts, jackets, outerwear, dresses, and accessories.

The impact of street style

The change in attitude about cross dressing and its definition now extends beyond the fashion industry. Instead of being held back by the strict regulations placed on the industry by the City of London, the fashion industry itself is expanding its approach to cross dressing, to allow more freedoms and flexibility in the clothing that are available to both sexes.

While we may have lost the battle of the runway in London, the fashion world is discovering how versatile the new street style is, and how it can serve as a platform for designers to have new ways of representing a particular designer. What was once considered ‘jeans are boring’women can’t wear skirts’ are now seen as something that can be both empowering and style inspiring.

This is why Paris Fashion Week is packed with amazing fashion show couture and sales, both local and international. The runway fashion on show is, in a word, inspiring. And it is, by far, the most exciting style of clothing you’ll see anywhere in the world.